Machine tools

In machine tools the essential conditions are the precision in the control of the position of the axes driven by the servomotors and the control of the spindle speed... (continua)

Foundry-Ironworks and Metalworking plants

Considering a sector where motors must be extremely robust and where the performance required of the machine is very stressful... (continua)

Printing and converting sector

Thanks to the co-operation with the main leading companies in the printing sector and to the specialisation obtained in the design of lines and plants, Brusatori has developed ad hoc motors for this sector... (continua)

Plastic, rubber, recycling sector

The continuous search for high performance specific to the plastics machinery sector has led Brusatori to develop products suitable to satisfy this market... (continua)

Wood Sector

Our brushless motors are designed to be used in high production lines, for heavy and continuous work, ensuring a high and precise processing speed from the log to the finished product.... (continua)

Paper sector

The Brusatori motors are designed for use in paper machines where from the control of applications such as winders - unwinders, slitters, rewinders, to more complex systems equipped with a CNC system, which completely manage... (continua)

Textile sector

Brusatori motors are used by leading companies in the construction of textile machinery where companies are focused on the development of new and increasingly advanced production technologies.... (continua)

Food sector

The co-operation between Brusatori and some international partners has led to satisfy requests for motors for medium-large plants where issues concerning hygiene and product preservation must be taken into account.... (continua)

Lifting sector

The industrial lifting sector requires products that must guarantee reliability and durability and that are often used in applications where environmental conditions are adverse... (continua)

Wind power sector

The wind power generation sector is a field in which Brusatori has invested a lot of resources, designing and manufacturing generators up to 110kW... (continua)

Fluid Power Sector

High reduction of energy consumption, excellent precision in pressure regulation, reduction of machine noise, all this makes the study of machines for plastic printing... (continua)