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Special Motors
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The goal of zero emissions by 2050 has led Brusatori to commit itself more and more to the renewable
energy sector, hence the strong push for the development and production of synchronous generators for
wind turbines and motors to control the pitch of the blades; motors known as PITCH motors.

In areas with a windy climate, wind farms are designed and built. By using the force of the wind to make
the turbine blades move, mechanical energy is produced that turns the generator, which transforms the
mechanical energy into electrical energy.

Just as in the past the wind was used to generate mechanical power for the operation of mills, wind
turbines can transform the mechanical energy of the wind into electrical energy, with enormous
advantages for private and industrial users.

The design of the BRKS series for generators from 10kW to 100kW gives rise to very technically efficient
and economically attractive solutions, making them suitable for use in various environments.

Main features
• Nominal power 9,9KW 19,9KW 59,9KW 99,5KW
• Nominal torque S1 126Nm 200Nm 584Nm 905Nm
• Speed 750 rpm 950 rpm 950rpm 1050 rpm
• Nominal voltage 420V rms 396V rms 396V rms 399V rms
• Number of poles 8 8 12 12
Pitch motors

Again with a view to energy saving and the use of renewable energy, Brusatori has for several years now
been developing a number of types of pitch motors, starting with the first ones with DC power supply and
then moving on to those with brushless technology.
These motors must guarantee robustness and a long service life, and have been designed for three main
types of installation: onshore, nearshore and offshore.
Each of these requires specific characteristics due to the environmental conditions in which the motors
For this reason, the choice of components produced by world-leading companies, the type of coating
applied to the products, the high level of testing during the construction and final testing phases make the
products ideal for the heavy-duty use to which they will be subjected.
Brusatori products can be used in turbines with a power output of over 10MW.


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Special Motors for the wind sector


Main features

• Nominal torque up to 330Nm and peak torque 750Nm
• Possibility of equipping the motor with various types of resolver and encoder
• Motor equipped with parking brake
• Painting for onshore, nearshore, offshore environment
• Operating temperature -20 to +40°C
• Protection class IP65